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Hello! Welcome to my page! My name is Vanessa, but i go by V. I am an intuitive reader. I was born and raised in North Jersey for fourteen years and then I had moved to Nebraska for ten years, California for a year and finally landed in Florida. I am one of four children (I'm the oldest), I have three younger siblings and a son who has my entire heart. I love going to the beach and it is where i go to ground myself. My biggest hobby is collecting seashells and letting the waves wash away all my negative energy and refuel me with positive energy. I have been reading for a few years. I got into Tarot a few years back when I had several readings preformed on me. Tarot has helped me in so many ways, emotionally and mentally. I have been battling depression since I was fourteen years old after my grandmother passed away, back in 2003. In 2009 I was diagnosed with panic and anxiety attacks (none which are fun btw), but it does makes me who I am. Reading Tarot has helped me be more optimistic about life and giving back to those in need. 

Your Journey

 Using my knowledge of the decks and my own intuition, I will guide you through the vast journey of your reading. I enjoy helping people. My readings give my clients a sense of healing and understanding from either the past, in the present or the upcoming future.  I allow the cards to tell me a unique story. Each reading is specifically tailored to you and your situation. Your readings will come with a photograph and a full detailed description of what your cards imply.

The Cards

The cards are a tool that I use to connect with my spirit guides. Each tarot and oracle deck have a distinct energy and vibe. They are used as a guidance. They do not predict the future or tell you exactly what is going to happen. Only you have control of your future and outcome!


I do general readings or you may ask a question. (I only ask that, you do NOT ask anything that has to do with pregnancies, health related topics and or legal matters--please seek professional help on those topics). All readings are sent via e-mail! (Request A Reading Here! section down below). Readings are a set price!

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please feel free to email me (Request a Reading Here! section down below).


Tarot or Oracle Reading


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Any size spread Tarot or Oracle Reading. Please submit question request down below in the (Request a Reading Here! section down below).


Pendulum Reading


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Any YES or NO questions. Limit: 10 questions. Please submit questions request down below in the (Request a Reading Here! section down below).


Bundle Package


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Package includes

  • 10 card Tarot spread
  • 5 card Oracle spread
  • Pendulum reading (Limit- 10 Any YES or NO questions)

Please submit questions request down below in the (Request a Reading Here! section down below).

Request a Reading Here!

Request a Reading Here!

E-mail Inquiries..

For Tarot or Oracle readings: Please submit your Full Name and the question you would like to ask. If you do not have a specific question, then please state in the e-mail "general reading" in the message box (under -Request a Reading Here!). 

For Pendulum readings: Please submit your Full Name and the list of 10 questions that you have in the message box (under- Request a Reading Here!).

Have any Comments, Questions, Concerns? Ask Here!

Thank You!

Readings by V.

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Legal Disclaimer!

A reading is NOT a substitute for legal advice! You must seek a professional for any medical, financial and legal advice or matters!


Q: "What kind of questions do i ask? I've never done this before?"

A: Anything your heart desires! I can always reword your question for you, as I see fit.

Q: "Do I need to give you any information about myself?"

A: No, you do not, I prefer it that way. If you would like to give me any information about yourself or your situation, you are always more than welcome to.

Q: "Can you do a reading for my friend?"

A: I will NOT do a reading for another person without their consent! If your friend would like a reading, please direct them to my website!

Q: "How will I receive my reading, do I go to you or do you come to me or do we meet somewhere?"

A: All readings are sent via e-mail.

Real Testimonials!

"This is truly amazing :) thank you very much!"-Keri

"Oh man! This is amazing! thank you so much!"-Carla

"Thanks sweets! I really appreciate it! I'll be sure to keep you close to contact!"-Katherine